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Examples of calculations

Feature 1

Max Mortgage

Calculates the maximum amount that can be borrowed

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Feature 2

AOW Date & Age

Calculates the AOW
date and age

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Feature 3

AOW Benefits

Calculates the
AOW benefits

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The right API for every area of advice

Our calculation APIs respond to questions such as "How much can I borrow?" or "Will I save enough for my children's college education?" Our calculation APIs do all personal financial calculations for now as well as future projections. They give insight into, for example, the impact of measures to be taken, as well as the implications of life events such as death, disability, or unemployment. All calculations are based on current fiscal rules and regulations.  

Our dossier APIs enable the advisor to collaborate with the client on the (advice) file. The services facilitate the creation, prefilling, saving, reading, and changing of the advice file. Consider prefilling with data from government sources, adjusting the file with data from internal systems or displaying the data in a custom 'my' environment.  

Our Azure integration APIs make it simple to integrate with on-premise and cloud applications.  Through these integration APIs, its being made easy to get data available to third parties. It also allows the platform to simply integrate into any Tech ecosystem, such as signing in using the organization's accounts, linking with mid-office or back-office systems, or relaying alerts and progress information.  

"The available APIs easily enables new customer journeys and hybrid journeys."
Maarten Boddeus

Director Product & Market